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Anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the concept of Trust?


Trust is blindness, not in a way that conveys a kind of tragic cynicism, but simply that it isn’t wise to assume our safety with others.  It isn’t wise to assume at all, ever.  Trust is based on faith, while their should be an avid attempt at developing a filter for who we are capable of feeling secure around, based on concrete observations of behavior, priorities, patterns,etc, that yield an awareness regarding the degree that an individual will be a toxic presence in our lives.

serenalizzz asked:

Hey Lazy yogi, I wanted to ask of your advice on dealing with body image issues. Although I'm getting a little better at accepting my body I still can't seem to ever fully be okay with it. Some days are much worse than others but it's just bringing me down a lot lately:( I already had body image issues but then I sorta messed up the shape of my spine with a fall and although I know I'm not defined by my body I always find myself staring in the mirror and agonizing over the same things everyday


You cannot realize something that you think you already know. 

You have heard that you are not defined by your body. However, you have not come to find this is true for yourself. Therefore you do not know this truth. 

The way ignorance hides is by disguising itself as truth, as something you have unknowingly assumed. That is how it can last so long. But it’s like dream logic. It makes sense until you question it. 

So ask yourself, do you know that you are not defined by your body? Recognizing that, no, you don’t know that for yourself creates the opportunity for that realization to occur. 

Let’s begin with the end: Death. You have been treated to a firsthand example of the body’s vulnerability. However, instead of recognizing the body’s impermanence, you have accidentally fixated on seeking happiness through the body’s appearance. 

Every body can be damaged, every body will grow old, every body will one day fail. If you are still seeking happiness through bodily appearance, what will become of your life then? What little pleasure you can find through body now will become suffering later.

Yet that doesn’t mean you are safe now. Death is always stalking us and it may visit on any day. It’s not about fearing this fact or adopting a “living every day as your last” mentality. It means keeping things in perspective, staying focused on what has real purpose, and holding Love precious. 

It reminds me of a Hafiz poem:

"I have a thousand brilliant lies

for the question: How are you?

I have a thousand brilliant lies

for the question: What is God?

If you think that the truth can be known from words, 

If you think the Sun and the Ocean can pass through that tiny opening called the mouth,

O someone should start laughing! Someone should start laughing right now!”

Your existence is more sexy and glorious than any body can reflect. The body is like language—it will never capture the essence of the divine beauty from which you have never been apart. 

Make it a priority to come to terms with bodily death and the inevitability of impermanence. The only reason that subject is considered morbid or fearful is because we identify with the body. We fear non-existence.

But you aren’t what is born nor what dies. If you aren’t a body and neither a mind nor a personality then who are you? What are you? That is the direction of healing. 

A book I would highly recommend is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Daily meditation will be a life-changer as well. 

Namaste my friend :) Much love





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important world update:

Gaza + Palestine are under attack by Israel, death toll currently at 27 :(

This has been a long and destructive period between Israel + Palestine. If anyone has any reliable sources to learn more about what’s going on at this current moment, please let me know


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